Bridging the Gap Between What You Eat and What You Should Eat

Juice Plus with Andy

Many of us do not get enough  nutrients from fruits and vegetables. We struggle with a daily fruit and vegetable consumption gap. Bad conditions can develop if fruit and vegetables aren’t a part of your everyday diet.

If you are vitamin deficient, it can take a toll on your gums, heart, immune system and can be the cause of oxidative stress. The most efficient way to reduce your risk of disease is to eat healthy.

 There are a variety of common ailments and diseases that many people face including: gum disease, heart disease, immune system disorders plus concerns about the look and feel of skin and hair.  Also, oxidative stress plays a role in sickness and disease.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D oxidative stress is the total burden placed on organisms by the constant production of free radicals in the normal course of metabolism plus whatever pressures the environment…

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